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Connect America : Medical Alert Systems FAQ’s

Below is a list of commonly asked questions by consumer comparison networks and current Connect America customers. We hope that they answer your questions. If not, please call Connect America Customer Service at 1-800-325-1787 for further assistance.

About Connect America
Medical Alert by Connect America
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About Connect America

Who owns Connect America?

Connect America is a privately owned U.S. company operating from Broomall, Pennsylvania, and a proud member of Medical Alert Monitoring Association (MAMA).

Where is your emergency monitoring center located?

We have a ULC-listed, interlinked monitoring center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our emergency operators are staffed by SIA-Certified Operators.

Medical Alert by Connect America

Who manufactures the Connect America Medical Alert System?

Linear, a trusted name in security, safety, household products and electronics, manufactures the Connect America Medical Alert Systems and accessories.

Can the personal help button be worn in the Bath or Shower?

Yes, the personal help button is fully waterproof and is ideal for wearing in the bath or shower, as this is where most falls occur.

What components are included in the Connect America medical alert system?

You will receive a 2-Way speakerphone base unit and one waterproof transmitter button. This button can be worn on your wrist, around the neck or on a belt. A phone cord is included to attach your base unit to the phone jack. A medical information card and step by step installation instructions are also included. Other products are available at additional costs upon request.

What is the range of the personal help button?

The personal help button works within an ”open air” range of up to 600 feet. We recommend testing it in a few areas prior to activating the system.

What is the battery life of the personal help button and communicator unit?

The battery life in the waterproof transmitter button varies with usage and is replaced free of charge when needed. The 2-Way speakerphone base unit runs from A/C power but has a backup battery that typically lasts many years. Connect America monitors low battery signals and replacement equipment is sent at no charge as needed.

Where should I place my Connect America medical alert system?

Your Connect America medical alert system should be located near your main phone, in a central and often accessed area. It should be away from an area of high heat or humidity. The system needs to be plugged into a power source, so it should be located near an outlet.

Connect America Customer Care

What are the hours of Connect America Customer Service?

Connect America is available for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However the following are our standard customer care hours:

816 Park Way, Broomall, PA 19008

Customer Care:

Monday through Friday:
9:00am – 8:00pm EST

Saturday through Sunday:
9:00am – 6:00pm EST

Emergency after-hours customer service and technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will the alarm work in my area?

Yes! The medical alarm unit will work in all 50 states.

How do I update account information?

Update any account, billing or contact information by calling Connect America Customer Service at 1-800-325-1787 at anytime or you can fill out our Update Account information form.

What if there is an emergency and my doors are locked?

Connect America will keep your entry information on file. In the event that a dispatch is necessary we will provide your local EMS with entry information and also call anyone on your contact list that is noted as a keyholder to your house.

When I push my button who will be helping me?

You will speak with a specially trained emergency response operator at our US based dispatch center. Once they determine the nature of your emergency, they will contact your local first responders and then your contact list of family and friends.

What if I am unable to speak when I press the Emergency button or help button?

If you activate your alarm we will first attempt to reach you across the Medical Alarm. If we do not get a voice response we will then try to contact you on the home phone number. If we are still unable to reach you, we will assume you pushed your button for a good reason and that you are either too far away to speak with us or too sick to speak with us and we will still send you help!

Should I notify Connect America if I am going away on Holidays?

Yes! Please notify us of any temporary address change if you plan on bringing your medical alarm along with you on a trip. Contact Connect America Customer Service at 1-800-325-1787 to update your address and contact list.

If I have a medical emergency and press the button, will it cost me money?

No, your monthly Connect America plan covers the cost of monitoring. Our Emergency Response Operators are trained to assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate authorities or other contacts as required. However, it should be noted that local emergency authorities may charge fees depending on the services required (i.e. Ambulance Ride). Contact your local authorities for more information on potential costs for these services.

What do I do if I accidentally press the Personal Help button?

If you are near your Connect America communicator unit, press the "Reset" button on the unit - this will cancel the signal being sent to our emergency monitoring center. If away from your base unit, please remain calm and inform the Emergency Response Operator that it was accidentally pressed.

Connect America Technical Support

What if I'm having trouble installing, setting up or using my Connect America medical alert system?

Please call Connect America at 1-800-325-1787, and one of our technicians will be happy to walk you through the set up of your system.

How often should the medical alert system be tested?

We recommend sending a weekly test signal to our emergency monitoring center. Even though the personal help button and two-way voice communicator base are monitored for functionality, for added protection we recommend this be completed every 7 days. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-325-1787 and they will guide you through a test.

Do I need a special type of phone line?

No! Connect America has a system that will work in your house with any type of phone line. We even have a system that works if you have no land line at all.

What if I have DSL Internet, can I still use a Connect America medical alert system?

Yes, you may require a DSL filter that can be put on easily at the time of installation. Please mention this to a Connect America representative when ordering your alarm system.

Does Connect America offer service in a language other than English?

Yes. Our monitoring centers have Spanish speaking operators available to help our Spanish speaking customers in an emergency.

Connect America Billing & Payments

What are my billing options for Connect America medical alarm service?

Payment can be processed automatically through pre-authorized payments to your credit card or bank account. Invoices can also be issued for customers who wish to pay by mail.

How will the Connect America charge appear on my credit card or bank statement?

Charges to your credit card or bank statement should read

Is there long-term commitment required?

No. For liability purposes, we do require a Monitoring Agreement to be signed. A non-refundable deposit is required prior to a Connect America system being shipped. This deposit is applied to your account as the first three months of monitoring service. At the end of those 3 months, the Connect America service is month-to-month and can be cancelled with no penalty with 30 days notice.

Does Connect America charge an activation or installation fee?

There is no activation or installation fee. Installing our Connect America medical alarm system is as easy as plugging an answering machine into your phone. We will ship you the Connect America Medical Alert system via Federal Express. Your shipment includes illustrated step by step instructions to help you install the system yourself.

Are there any other fees other than the monthly medical alarm monitoring charge?

No. The monthly medical alarm monitoring fee covers all monitoring related charges. There may be additional fees associated with a customer’s local emergency authority (e.g. Ambulance Rides). These fees are the responsibility of the customer. Contact your local emergency authorities for more information.